Play, Imagine, Save, Succeed!

Saving is easiest when you can actually see your progress, otherwise it just seems like your money is gone into some black hole-never to return!

I like being able to see a bank account grow and get interest on that money. I love explaining interest to kids; you put your $5 into the account and the bank gives you money just for saving with them-and you didn’t even have to mow the lawn for it. They use your money to make money, it is kinda like your giving the bank a loan and they pay you for that.

Some really great kids’ savings banks that have $10 dollar starting deposits to open accounts are:

Ingdirect (on-line) I personally love this bank!

Marathon Saving Bank

Also, check-out your local bank-they may have something that works-especially if you already bank at their facility or Google it! has a great posting on How to Raise a Saver-give it a look!

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Okay-it worked for me so, maybe it will work for you too. Come’on give us some hints!


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  1. Patty

    September 21, 2011 at 6:46 pm

    I loved the Fidelity site that talks about teaching children to save. You would think this is an easy task and that most people can save money, but you would be wrong. Most people spend the money they get, and rather quickly. We live in a society of “everyone wants more”, but doesn’t NEED more, which is the problem. Teaching children to save for a goal, or item instead of purchasing it for them would be a wonderful gift of teaching that you can give them for free.

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