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Get the 1st realistic doll, made by women who have struggled with the issue of body-image. We created a doll that people can be proud of giving girls that not only realistic but promotes saving for future goals.  Modeled after four college girls, and promoting financial literacy; College Savings Dolls is your all in one role model doll. Approved by parents and awarded Educational Toy of the Year 2014 by Creative Child. Also, awarded Educational Kid’s Choice Doll by children. Feel confident in your holiday choice this year!




“Dad, how are these dolls made?”, was a question asked by my friend’s fourth-grader last week. I never really though anyone would care but, it is an interesting process so, in the quest for life long learning, I’ll share it with you.


Now, I really only know the process for my dolls, and it is still going on.  Fortunately, I found this short, read a minute & 45 second, video on you tube that gives you the idea. The process is called roto-molding and has quite a few steps.


The doll heads popping out of the molds is a little creepy so, nightmares here I come! Otherwise, you get the idea & it is pretty cool to see how something is made that you normally never think about. They use roto-molding to produce a lot of large items too, like slides, detergent jugs, and a few other hollow items. A more expensive way to produce plastic containers, etc. is injection molding. But since this is about how to make dolls, I will refrain from showing you that video. You know once a teacher, always a teacher!


Our dolls started out being designed by a fabulous artist who took the pictures of the girls and created her own rendition of their faces and body types. After the prototype was made we sent her to the factory to have wax molds made of her body & face. Currently, we are working on adjusting her skin tone and creating box designs for the doll & her clothes.


It is a long process, about a year & a half, but will be well worth it when we see the joy & positive future role models the dolls will become for thousands of children. Deanna should make her debut this spring. We can’t wait!

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