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Give yourself a gift this season: Gift Cards are a great gift to give and get.

Why do they get a bad wrap? They are not a cop-out, especially when you don’t know what to get someone, and if you get the GC with a person’s favorite in mind. I know that my tastes change almost daily-how would someone know what to get me?! I LOVE getting them, and then I can get what I want instead of what someone thinks I want.

In my last post I talked about how teenagers loved a GC & you won’t get “the look” when they open that gift! However, don’t forget older adults who already have everything. They can enjoy a good meal out, a free movie ticket, or even a splurge on the more expensive items at the grocery store. I LOVE getting a GC-takes me through the blahs of Jan/Feb and let’s me get sale items, therefore more bang for the GC buck!


I can’t believe how many restaurants have jumped on the GC train. At my local Brixx Pizza when you bought a $100 GC, you got a $25 GC for yourself & an entry into their $500 GC drawing! If you’re looking for deals like this one: connect on FB, check out the local newspaper, see in store flyers, and be sure to get on the e-mail list for GC news.

Remember, the time you are saving other’s by not forcing them to return an item that was not quite right, is invaluable. I think that the true meaning of gift giving is not burdening someone with a gift that may have future strings attached.

Interesting Fact:

Who invented the GC?

The first Gift Cards were produced by SSI Technologies, Edmond, OK (metro. of Oklahoma City) for Blockbuster in 1995.

College Highlight:

Oklahoma City University

oklahoma city univ


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