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Did you try to update your dolls look by adding new make-up or draw-on jewelry? Or do you drag your friend everywhere, even to the playground? Try these easy steps to get her back to a fresh from the box pal in no time.


You will need:

Plastic Wrap

Oxy 10



Marked-up dolly



Step: 1

Lay her on a table outside in the sun and cover her hair so, it doesn’t fade or frizz.


oxy 1









Step: 2

Apply Oxy 10* to the spot(s) you want gone and cover them with plastic wrap.**


   oxy 6 oxy 4




Step: 3

May take a few days in the sun but, keep trying-it will fade.***


oxy 3 oxy 5

Become a #futuredoll media darling-send me your before & after pictures and I will post them!



*Oxy 10 or Oxy Maximum Action, etc. (need to have 10% Benzoyl Peroxide)

** Trick my hair stylist uses to allow the bleach applied to my hair to lighten it faster.

***Mine was like a faded bruise the 1st day and gone by the 2nd day.

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The Real Deanna & Jessica and their dolls!!!

The Real Deanna & Jessica and their dolls!!!

Here it is! The CSD 1st Newsletter!

Read on, let us know your thoughts &  tell us how we can be better serve you!

Jessica stopping to smell the flowers 

Little girls are often drawn to playing with dolls for fun but, for many reasons that play-time fosters skill building for the future. Whether its is learning to take care of others, getting a little quiet-time for themselves, or just ‘cause they can’t play outside! Playing with dolls is an important part of growing-up & exploring themselves.

Here are three of the reasons that playing with dolls help children learn positive habits for life.


1.) Learn the world disappears when you use your imagination.

Creating elaborate scenes that you act out with no one watching or judging, makes time stands still. You can be alone and not lonely, that is an important lesson you carry forever. 

2.) Learn how to share

Cooperation with others is key and especially when you play dolls with another child. You have to take turns talking, using the cool shoes or who can have the car. (Use the ping-pong game analogy-take turns talking)

3.) Learn how to live without limits

Change clothes, change your life! When you play with dolls, your future career is just a costume change away. Now I’m a vet, soon I’ll be an archaeologist, next I’ll be a chef.


What skills did your take with you into adulthood? Let me know in the comments.


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FIT logo 

Fashion Institute of Technology

( alma mater of CSD clothes designer, Pamela Thompson)


If you are a “doll person” you should be aware that you are a part of a long-line of enthusiasts that harken back to girls playing with dolls in ancient Egypt, Rome, and some ancient dolls carved of ivory more than 30,000 years ago!

However since you live in the twenty-first century you need to be aware of this great doll organization, the United Federation of Doll Clubs (UFDC). At their Kansas City, MO headquarters; there is a museum, library, and gift shop. The United Federation of Doll Clubs has been around since 1949 and boasts a huge calendar of events, probably near you!

Doll News spring2013cover

The UFDC also produces a beautiful color quarterly publication, titled the DOLL NEWS. The Doll News is chock full of interesting research and articles about various dolls and doll collecting. I also like perusing the ads throughout the magazine to get further doll exploration ideas and places to visit.

This is my favorite quote from the UFDC site:

“The study of dolls is truly the study of humankind. Few artifacts reflect our history as accurately as do dolls. From food to fashion, dolls and their accessories provide a fascinating window to the past and provide a record for the future. Doll collecting is one of the largest hobby groups in the world enjoyed by enthusiasts everywhere!”


Ancient Dolls a Hint to early man.

Roman Rag doll

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u of missouri

piggy bank with childs hand

I just searched the hashtag money; that I have saved in my twitter search engine, and received this great article on introducing money to children. Yes, it is a homeschooling article but, if you don’t home school, you could use many of the helpful tips and books to work with your own children at home. As you know, most money lessons are learned through modeling and need to be reinforced while the child’s mind is still an absorbent sponge taking in knowledge!  If we can help children have a healthy relationship with money now, in the future teen and college years they may actually save on their own!

homeschooling image

Here is a synopsis and a link to the full article:

Money and Economics Vocabulary

Include general finance terms:





Money and Economics Reading and Writing

-“The Coin Counting Book”

-“Funny Money”

-“The Story of Money”

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Carnegie MellonUniversity

carnegie mellon


egg with doll inside

Is Richard Irvine here to help me revamp my collection? No, but the doll in question fits inside an egg so, you get the Food Network/Restaurant Impossible correlation.

1.) A precocious eight year old climbs on a chair to reach a high shelf in Gramma’s  room.

2.) Quest-three wooden eggs; one blue, one yellow and one purple.

3.) Eggs fall to the floor, but none break.

4.) Slowly loosening the eggs; out popped a little articulated doll with a gown the same color as her egg.

They seem to be similar to Russian matryoshka nesting dolls.



Maybe a cousin to the English Smallest Doll in the World?

smallest doll

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Monday Five: Put More Money in Your Pocket with Spring Cleaning

April 1, 2013 in Monday Five by Eric | No comments

By Eric

The grass is starting to turn green, it’s opening day for some of your favorite baseball teams, and it’s time for a bit of spring cleaning. But spring cleaning doesn’t have to mean throwing everything away. Here are a few ways to spruce up those closets and turn it into income.

"In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun!" - Mary Poppins

“In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun!” – Mary Poppins

1. Amazon. We’re all familiar with one-click shopping, but that could work foryou too. In earlier years we’ve set up a sellers account and started listing a few old textbooks ($80), best sellers ($20), and even my old Super Nintendo! We were very surprised at how much money we recouped through this method. Amazon takes a percentage of the sale, but in the end it’s still money in your pocket! Know that not everything you have can turn a profit. You’ll see that some books and CDs go for as little as a few cents. (Keep an eye out to make sure you keep shipping costs down, because it eats into your profits.)

2. Craigslist. Not limited to “Missed Connections” and old copies of Playboy for free. In the last year, we’ve  sold bigger items like a love seat, bedroom dresser, and extra bed for nearly the price we bought them at (if not a little more in one case…) and that money turned into an upgrade that fit our style and space better.

3. Bulletin Boards. Public library, telephone poles, coffee shop, breakroom at work. This is great for single items. Kitchen wares, bicycles, seedlings, and extra craft supplies. One flyer could be the difference between having extra room in your office or fixing the cascade of tupperware falling at you everyday.

4. Carmax. I bet you have a couple of Cadillacs in the linen closet, don’t you? Well, maybe not. But last year, we realized that based on insurance, taxes, gasoline, an extra parking space and the fact that we were living in a location where I could walk to work, it just didn’t make sense to keep the second car that we had needed in years prior. In less than 90 minutes I had a very reasonable quote, (which helped me make my decision) then a large check, and a clean slate. No hassle. This isn’t an option for everyone, but since it is one of the biggest items most people own, it could make a huge difference in your purchase power this summer. Vacation, first home, special project? It’s up to you!

5. Goodwill. For everything else! Now you won’t necessarily end up with cash in your pocket, but you’re helping yourself and your community. The donation will be tax-deductible if you itemize, but make sure to keep your receipts somewhere safe for next Spring, or they’re useless. Also, Goodwill has provided countless jobs in cities and towns around the nation to those who have had the hardest time getting back on their feet. And I certainly put a value on that.

What other ways have you been able to turn your stuff into flexible spending?

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University of Michigan (both authors attended-Stephanie & Eric)

u of Mich

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