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NC in the summer and my A/C starts blowing hot air. Really?! That’s not going to work. So, I drop off the car and get my first call from the mechanic two hours later. My car won’t pass the state inspection unless I get new tires. Great-new tires vs. no car!?! I give the mechanic approval to replace the Freon, attach four new tires, and run the state inspection. My $100 Freon bill quickly becomes $800!

News like this used to make me and hand over the plastic, but now my many sleepless nights have ended. I opened a designated “curve” saving’s account. Why is it called a “curve”account? Because life throws you a lot of unexpected curve balls but, name it anything you like.

A curve account is a savings of $100-1000, or whatever makes you feel comfortable. It’s an emergency and beyond your control, so don’t fret. You don’t have to save for curves all at once and even if you don’t have the full amount when you need it-you do have something you didn’t count on.

You know your average “Oh No!” expenses better than anyone. Would “curving” and having extra money in the bank make you feel comfortable? Use this easy saving chart to figure-out how long it takes:


                             $10 week or $40 month                               $20 week or $80 month

$100                             2 ¼ months                                                         1 ¼ months

$200                            5 months                                                               2 ½ months

$300                            7 ½ months                                                         3 ¾ months

$400                           10 months                                                             5 months

$500                           12 ½ months                                                        6 ¼ months


Freedom is yours!!

College Highlight:





the craft rascal 2

This project is for you if:

  • the thought of crafting stresses you out.
  • you don’t like to sit and concentrate on one task for hours.
  • you see More than 5 steps are needed & quit reading.
  • you want that feeling of accomplishment and admiration. (But not be exhausted & cranky)
  • you can’t finish the project in one sitting. (Including drying/painting/sewing time)


Items Needed:

  1. 5 x 6 or whatever size you have pre-sewn material bags (use what you have!)
  2. Cotton balls
  3. Glue stick (can whip stitch it instead but, my glued ones have lasted over a year)

Step 1: pull draw strings out of bag


Step 2: stuff with cotton balls


Step 3: seal with glue stick


Step 4: put heavy book on seal to close

pillow 3

Oh yah-you are done! Another positive childhood experience was created, reinforcing using what you already have to further imagination. GO YOU!!!

photo 4

College Highlight:


(Savannah college of art and design)

magic bag

Setting: A large family restaurant with a big menu and casual atmosphere.

Objective:  No cooking, No cleaning. Not leaving with a headache.

Enter: A frazzled Mom holding her young daughter’s hand,  “Come here, Kailee. Sit down, we are going to have dinner. We don’t want to disturb all these nice people trying to eat.”  Mom pulls out a chair, pats the seat, and trys to coax her child to sit down and behave like an adult.

Well, kids are not mini-adults so, why should they be expected to behave like us.  Kids are naturally curious about new unexplored surroundings and need a few seconds to adjust to their location. Use that quiet time to your advantage and de-crease your perceived anxiety over the judgment of your parenting skills. But, always be prepared!


Enter your friend and savior the magic bag. A magic bag is simply a bag that you ONLY pull-out in public places that you want the child to be quiet and behave in a certain way. The magic bag  works like magic if you rotate its contents like you  circulate the toys in the toy box so, they are always new.

The contents of the magic bag vary from child to child but, should includes a few staples.



Pencil/Pen (when child can write)

snack (tide them over until the food arrives-small amount raisins/cereal)

small toy

FREE easy to carry string bag included with each doll purchased!(while supply lasts)

College Highlight:

University of Oklahoma

u of oklahoma

The Real Deanna & Jessica and their dolls!!!

The Real Deanna & Jessica and their dolls!!!

Here it is! The CSD 1st Newsletter!

Read on, let us know your thoughts &  tell us how we can be better serve you!


Want to show off your knowledge?  These easy fun references are all yours!

1.) The first dolls discovered were Roman and dated from 300BC!

2.) The first doll commercial was for Mr. Potato Head.

3.) The Russian nesting doll, matryoshka, was featured in the 1900 Paris World Expedition

4.) The Teddy Bear is named after U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt, Jr.

5.) The realistic Reborn dolls have been mistaken for real children by police who have actually broken  into cars to “rescue” them!

6.) The most expensive doll in the world is the $6.25 million L’Oiseleur.

7.) The oldest “doll hospital” is in Lisbon, Portugal; restoring & repairing dolls since 1830.

8.) Queen Victoria, 1837-1901; inspired the blue eyes in the dolls we see today.

9.) Every three seconds, a Barbie is sold somewhere in the world.

10.) By the 17th century, play dolls were commonly used by both boys and girls.

11.) The first paper doll, Little Fanny debuted in 1810.

And finally…

12.)        People who are scared of dolls are have the condition called “pediophobia”.


College Highlight:

University of Southern Mississippi



Sarah Dugo, B.S., M.A.T is a former educator and mom with over 20 years’ experience working with thousands of children and knows the influence positive role models can contribute to improve future lives allowing dreams to become realities. Would you like your daughter’s imagination to ignite her future goal aspirations? Learn how to dramatically improve her chance of future success results and learn how to your contributions can benefit by claiming your FREE illustrated downloadable book, Every Penny Counts at =>


I recently ran across the U.S. News and World Report breakdown for top growth jobs for 2014, when I added average salaries and the number of years of schooling it would take to achieve those goals, I got a clearer picture. Almost all of the “top jobs” required a college degree, most required a 4 year degree and beyond.

Here is the top ten list:

#1 Software Developer   Avg. salary $93,280 per year— 4 yr. degree required

#2 Computer Systems Analyst  Avg. salary $79,680—4 yr. degree required

#3 Dentist  Avg. salary$163,000–4 yr degree required + 3 yr. dental school

#4 Nurse Practitioner  Avg. salary $89,960– 4 yr. degree required + 2-4 yr. NP      degree

#5 Pharmacist  Avg. salary $116,670– 4 yr degree required + 4 yr pharmacy school

#6 Registered Nurse  Avg. salary $65,470–4 yr. degree required

#7 Physical Therapist  Avg. salary $79,860–4 yr. degree + 2-3 yr. graduate school

#8 Physician  Avg. salary $191,520–4 yrs. undergrad + 4 year medical school + 3-7 yrs. +  residency depending on specialty (3-7 yrs.)

#9 Web Developer Avg. salary $62,500–4 yr. degree or some college

#10 Dental Hygienist  Avg. salary $70,700–HS diploma + 2-3 associates degree


My takeaway on this was that our children are counting on us to point them in the right direction and in most cases that means we steer our kid’s toward college all along. School isn’t for everyone but, give them the choice by encouraging productivity in the classroom. Start kids off at a young age, fostering life long learning, and reinforce the idea that you need to apply yourself in school starting today.

Encourage them to “try on” several different jobs to see what really sparks their passion, before they spend time and money only to find that they really don’t like the work involved the major they selected.(According to college data in-state moderate tuition averaged $22,826. A moderate budget at a private college averaged $44,750.)

***Remember, our End Goal as parents is to create self-sufficient adults, that can leave our house and support themselves!***


Tips for new parents? Please leave them in the comments

College Highlight:

University of Southern California

Los Angeles, CA


 (#1 ranked Physical Therapy school)

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