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Geez, the Holidays are upon us! I’m certainly not complaining…I’m just kind of shocked! Don’t worry, we’ve got TONS OF AMAZING things planned for you all!

This style is SO SO SO cute. It can be done in five minutes and the results are….well, SO SO CUTE! Got a few Holiday Parties to attend this year? You might find this is your go to style.


 STEP ONE: Starting right at the part, begin twisting hair back. With each twist, grab some more hair.


STEP TWO: Twist and grab all the way till you wrap around the back of your head. Secure temporarily with a bobby pin.


STEP THREE: Repeat on the opposite side until the twists meet. Secure TIGHTLY with a elastic. The pony tail should be on the side of the dolls head.


STEP FOUR: Twist it into a bun and secure with an elastic and bobby pins if needed.


 Holiday Hairstyle NAILED! Or at least, that’s what I think! What is your go to fancy hairstyle? Please share! Also a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who follows us, we appreciate every one of you SO MUCH. We can’t wait to have a giveaway soon.Thank you all for helping us get to this place. We love you!

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