What is a room in college or any teenagers chillin’ area without a bean bag chair? Our dolls are scaled 18 year old high school graduates who wanted to get in on the lounging so, I made this bean bag. It’s not that hard and you can use the pattern for any doll that just wants to “hang”!


Step: 1 Use an old newspaper to make a pattern & cut an football shaped piece the height of the doll.


Step: 2 Open the newspaper pattern you made and cut out the shape from an old t-shirt.


Step 3: Place two of the t-shirt pieces together and sew one side all the way. Sew the other side partway so you leave a small opening, & turn inside out.



Step: 4 Fill the bag you made with rice or beans and sew the small opening closed



Step 5: You did it!!! Now your doll can rest after her long day of play!



College Highlight:


Clemson University