Playing all day makes any doll tired!!! Or pretend your doll has been invited to sleepover, is bunking down in a college dorm room, or is camping outside or, or, or!

When it is that time-make her comfortable, take a trip to your local craft store and see what kind of scrap material is in the bargain bin. I found this soft flannel material for $0.67!





Scrap material

Cotton balls (if fabric scrap is long enough to make the attached pillow)**

Step 1: Fold the piece of material in half lengthwise and lay your doll inside, be sure she has a piece below her and the other attached piece covering her to her shoulders.


Step 2: Turn it inside out and sew both of the long sides closed.


Step: 3 Turn right side back and tuck your doll inside, and if you have extra material make a pillow.**

bag 4


I didn’t whip stitch the top cover so it wouldn’t fray, mine was an end piece with the factory sealed edge or salvage edge. You may want sew it this so the item lasts.

**Note** I made the sleeping bag with an attached pillow. To do so, make the bottom side longer than the top, fold it over, and sew it together on the edges, stuff with cotton balls and finish like you did the pillow.


“Play, Imagine, Save, Succeed! 


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