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Ericka Torres is someone you should know. She is an insightful/GenX writer at and her blog was voted top financial blog by! It seems you have to learn everything through trial and error but, Erika gives you unique and easy to follow tips I wish I would have known starting out. Without further ado, here are the interview questions with the savvy Erika Torres:

My name is: Erika Torres
My company is: Newlyweds on a Budget;
My company Facebook page is:
My Twitter handle is: @newlwedsbudget

My career is: I work in public affairs for a utility company.
What I do every day is: I work in social media, event planning, press release writing, and everyday day-to-day customer communications
Why I decided to become a: I got into public affairs because I really like reading and writing, but I also really like working with people.
Little girls should do what I do because: It’s a lot of fun! I get to be on social media (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter) for a large chunk of my day, I get to go to events, host tours, and talk to customers who want to learn about saving water.

Where I went to school: Wellesley College in Massachusetts

Now down to the important questions-

As a little girl: I wanted to be: a teacher
My favorite color is: blue
I have a pet, whose name is: Bentley
My favorite food is: Pizza!
I have the most fun when I: am taking long walks with my husband and our dog

Erika, thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview with CSD and allowing us a glimpse into your financial writing and public affairs world. Little girls will benefit from your help!
“Play, Imagine, Save, Succeed”
College Highlight:

Wellesley College

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