NC in the summer and my A/C starts blowing hot air. Really?! That’s not going to work. So, I drop off the car and get my first call from the mechanic two hours later. My car won’t pass the state inspection unless I get new tires. Great-new tires vs. no car!?! I give the mechanic approval to replace the Freon, attach four new tires, and run the state inspection. My $100 Freon bill quickly becomes $800!

News like this used to make me and hand over the plastic, but now my many sleepless nights have ended. I opened a designated “curve” saving’s account. Why is it called a “curve”account? Because life throws you a lot of unexpected curve balls but, name it anything you like.

A curve account is a savings of $100-1000, or whatever makes you feel comfortable. It’s an emergency and beyond your control, so don’t fret. You don’t have to save for curves all at once and even if you don’t have the full amount when you need it-you do have something you didn’t count on.

You know your average “Oh No!” expenses better than anyone. Would “curving” and having extra money in the bank make you feel comfortable? Use this easy saving chart to figure-out how long it takes:


                             $10 week or $40 month                               $20 week or $80 month

$100                             2 ¼ months                                                         1 ¼ months

$200                            5 months                                                               2 ½ months

$300                            7 ½ months                                                         3 ¾ months

$400                           10 months                                                             5 months

$500                           12 ½ months                                                        6 ¼ months


Freedom is yours!!

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