Did you try to update your dolls look by adding new make-up or draw-on jewelry? Or do you drag your friend everywhere, even to the playground? Try these easy steps to get her back to a fresh from the box pal in no time.


You will need:

Plastic Wrap

Oxy 10



Marked-up dolly



Step: 1

Lay her on a table outside in the sun and cover her hair so, it doesn’t fade or frizz.


oxy 1









Step: 2

Apply Oxy 10* to the spot(s) you want gone and cover them with plastic wrap.**


   oxy 6 oxy 4




Step: 3

May take a few days in the sun but, keep trying-it will fade.***


oxy 3 oxy 5

Become a #futuredoll media darling-send me your before & after pictures and I will post them!



*Oxy 10 or Oxy Maximum Action, etc. (need to have 10% Benzoyl Peroxide)

** Trick my hair stylist uses to allow the bleach applied to my hair to lighten it faster.

***Mine was like a faded bruise the 1st day and gone by the 2nd day.

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