Want to show off your knowledge?  These easy fun references are all yours!

1.) The first dolls discovered were Roman and dated from 300BC!

2.) The first doll commercial was for Mr. Potato Head.

3.) The Russian nesting doll, matryoshka, was featured in the 1900 Paris World Expedition

4.) The Teddy Bear is named after U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt, Jr.

5.) The realistic Reborn dolls have been mistaken for real children by police who have actually broken  into cars to “rescue” them!

6.) The most expensive doll in the world is the $6.25 million L’Oiseleur.

7.) The oldest “doll hospital” is in Lisbon, Portugal; restoring & repairing dolls since 1830.

8.) Queen Victoria, 1837-1901; inspired the blue eyes in the dolls we see today.

9.) Every three seconds, a Barbie is sold somewhere in the world.

10.) By the 17th century, play dolls were commonly used by both boys and girls.

11.) The first paper doll, Little Fanny debuted in 1810.

And finally…

12.)        People who are scared of dolls are have the condition called “pediophobia”.


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