I recently ran across the U.S. News and World Report breakdown for top growth jobs for 2014, when I added average salaries and the number of years of schooling it would take to achieve those goals, I got a clearer picture. Almost all of the “top jobs” required a college degree, most required a 4 year degree and beyond.

Here is the top ten list:

#1 Software Developer   Avg. salary $93,280 per year— 4 yr. degree required

#2 Computer Systems Analyst  Avg. salary $79,680—4 yr. degree required

#3 Dentist  Avg. salary$163,000–4 yr degree required + 3 yr. dental school

#4 Nurse Practitioner  Avg. salary $89,960– 4 yr. degree required + 2-4 yr. NP      degree

#5 Pharmacist  Avg. salary $116,670– 4 yr degree required + 4 yr pharmacy school

#6 Registered Nurse  Avg. salary $65,470–4 yr. degree required

#7 Physical Therapist  Avg. salary $79,860–4 yr. degree + 2-3 yr. graduate school

#8 Physician  Avg. salary $191,520–4 yrs. undergrad + 4 year medical school + 3-7 yrs. +  residency depending on specialty (3-7 yrs.)

#9 Web Developer Avg. salary $62,500–4 yr. degree or some college

#10 Dental Hygienist  Avg. salary $70,700–HS diploma + 2-3 associates degree


My takeaway on this was that our children are counting on us to point them in the right direction and in most cases that means we steer our kid’s toward college all along. School isn’t for everyone but, give them the choice by encouraging productivity in the classroom. Start kids off at a young age, fostering life long learning, and reinforce the idea that you need to apply yourself in school starting today.

Encourage them to “try on” several different jobs to see what really sparks their passion, before they spend time and money only to find that they really don’t like the work involved the major they selected.(According to college data in-state moderate tuition averaged $22,826. A moderate budget at a private college averaged $44,750.)

***Remember, our End Goal as parents is to create self-sufficient adults, that can leave our house and support themselves!***


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College Highlight:

University of Southern California

Los Angeles, CA


 (#1 ranked Physical Therapy school)

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