Jessica stopping to smell the flowers 

Little girls are often drawn to playing with dolls for fun but, for many reasons that play-time fosters skill building for the future. Whether its is learning to take care of others, getting a little quiet-time for themselves, or just ‘cause they can’t play outside! Playing with dolls is an important part of growing-up & exploring themselves.

Here are three of the reasons that playing with dolls help children learn positive habits for life.


1.) Learn the world disappears when you use your imagination.

Creating elaborate scenes that you act out with no one watching or judging, makes time stands still. You can be alone and not lonely, that is an important lesson you carry forever. 

2.) Learn how to share

Cooperation with others is key and especially when you play dolls with another child. You have to take turns talking, using the cool shoes or who can have the car. (Use the ping-pong game analogy-take turns talking)

3.) Learn how to live without limits

Change clothes, change your life! When you play with dolls, your future career is just a costume change away. Now I’m a vet, soon I’ll be an archaeologist, next I’ll be a chef.


What skills did your take with you into adulthood? Let me know in the comments.


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