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Use these 5 tactics to grow-up, join the real-world, and let go of the safety net of parents.

1.)  Core class-cheap! Taking classes in the summer at community college save a lot of money.

2.)  No summers off. Work full time in the summer & when you’re home, then concentrate on school without money worries.

3.)  Work at school. When you register, let your school know you want a campus job, working part-time will help you prioritize.

4.) Text-books. Check out a rental service like chegg.com, buy an e-textbook @ textbook.com or wait until 1st day of class to buy. (some teachers don’t require all the texts listed in the syllabus)

5.)    Going Home. Take the cheaper bus/train or check out the ride board in your dorm and split the gas.

 Remember, every little bit helps!


College Highlight:


Elon University (LiberalArtsCollege in NC)