I’m from the school of modeling. If you want to see your kids replicate a behavior, you have to show it to them. When you do the right thing, kids are going to copy you. They automatically take on the habits of their most consistent companions, you!

1.)    Use coupons and let them see you do it. Or even better let them help you cut them out, sort them, and look for the item in the store. You can find coupons for almost anything restaurants, movies, grocery stores, hardware, electronics, etc. That will teach them the power of saving money in a fun way-there is nothing better than saving a few bucks!

2.)    Hand them part of your grocery list and let them go to town comparison shopping to get the best price. Since they are still shopping with you, give them this basic skill by letting them shop with their own cart, money, and check out themselves. Of course, also help them by voicing your input if they ask and tag along a safe distance behind them- they are just learning but, will feel so grown-up!

3.)    Change is powerful. Everyone gets coins and puts them somewhere, drawer, table top, car cup holder, etc. Make sure they also see that you save your change. Get empty jar with a wide mouth, like a pickle jar, and set it on their dresser, so they see it everyday. When it accumulates to a pre-set point, they get to spend it on something they want!

4.)    Research a big purchase. So they want/need a new pair of boots, phone, musical instrument, etc. Let them google it and search out deals by putting the item in the search engine + the word best price. Compare at least three sites to get them into the game!


5.)    The power of customer loyalty cards. You use them automatically but, kids don’t know the power of shopping at the same places; getting discounts, free shipping, special sales, etc. Hand them your card to swipe at the grocery store, gas station, clothing stores, and even at certain restaurants. When your next statement roles in, share the info. with your child.



Once kids know that their money knowledge is power, there is no stopping them!




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