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I just signed a petition today to increase teacher’s salaries in the state of North Carolina. The wages were $10,000 less than the national average! Fortunately most teachers are not in it for the money alone.

Sitting in a classroom where a student can not afford the basics, many teachers reach into their own pockets to provide for that student or in my case multiple kids. I dare anyone to sit in a classroom where a child is looking around, pretending it doesn’t mater that he didn’t get a yearbook, and still not want to help.

As your mind often does, mine traveled from the teachers salaries to the injustice of a bureaucratic system that is run like a business. Where children and teachers are worker bee’s held to the standards and parameters of the past and the future. Is this where we are headed onto a path where test scores and the ability to afford schooling mean more than the human condition?

As we all know, the ability to provide a college education is one of the keys to abolishing poverty and achieving a better life for our children. However, the average cost of a college education today is out of reach to many. This table is provided by

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Make education a top priority by exploring the many avenues available to you, such as; 529 saving accounts, applying for FAFSA’s, using Stafford loans, national grants, local scholarships, and public service trade-off’s.
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