Re-blogged from our awesome partner Gradsave which helps your friends and family members give the gift that keeps on giving-a college education for your child!

Introducing GradSave College Savings Teams


A well put-together team can accomplish great things. Now with GradSave you can recruit your closest friends and family members to be a part of your GradSave College Savings Team. These will be the people you know you can count on, the ones who are there to make the clutch 3 point shot with seconds to go, the winning 4th quarter drive in the final minute of the game, the grand slam home run with bases loaded, OK you get the point. These are the people who will be there for you and want to see your child reach their dreams.

Just LOG IN to your GradSave account and click on the “College Savings Team” button located in your Parent Dashboard. Enter your team-member’s name and email address, select a relationship and that’s it.  GradSave will send reminders to your team on birthdays, holidays and other calendar events to remind everyone that saving for college is important to you and every now and then you need them to come in and hit a home run gift for college.

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College Highlight:

University of Miami

(Corporate home of Gradsave and I loved watching baseball games there as a child)

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