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I was honored to interview Leilani Lim-Villegas who is the Financial Education Coordinator for the Texas Department of Banking ( Leilani gives talks and meets with people, especially young girls, to empower them to take control of their financial futures. I have followed Leilani on Linkedin and thought that what she had to say needed to be heard by a global audience. And now without further ado…

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My name is: Leilani Lim-Villegas

My company is: Texas Department of Banking, a state government agency that watches Texas banks to make sure that they are operating safely and soundly.

My career is: Financial Education Coordinator 

What I do everyday is: Help bankers and members of the community learn about making good choices about money like:  credit cards, buying a home or car and saving for college and retirement.

Where I went to school:University of Nevada, Reno; University of Texas at Austin; and University of Texas at Arlington.

Why I decided to become a: I enjoy working and teaching financial education because kids and adults can learn how to better manage their money by becoming savvy spenders and big savers for a better future.

Little girls should do what I do because: By helping and educating families about money, people are more knowledgeable about how to spend their hard-earned dollars.  Financial literacy creates better communities, a smarter state and a more successful nation as a whole.

Now down to the important questions-

As a little girl I wanted to be: Dancing Choreographer or a Food Critic on Book Tour 

My favorite color is: Red

My favorite food is: Filipino Cuisine, like Pancit (noodles) and Lumpia (eggrolls).        

I have the most fun when: I play the piano, traveling and exploring new places and cooking different dishes and desserts from around the world for my family.

What languages do you speak: English, Spanish, Sign Language and Tagalog (Filipino)

Favorite Exercise: Salsa Dance, Zumba, Kickboxing, Yoga, Pilates, Cycling, Free Weights

Favorite Season: Autumn

Best advice for girls:

“No matter what your dreams are when you grow up, it’s not about how much money you make, but about how much money you save. You will be successful if you focus and stay in school. Remember, always think about your community and pay it forward every single chance you get.”

College Highlight:

University of Texas

   univ. of texas

University of Nevada

univ. of nevada