I was lucky enough to interview author and entrepreneur Felecia Hatcher. She owns the fantastic gourmet popsicle company named Feverish Pops and is the author of C Students Rock.  She is a woman you should know!

C students rock
My name is: Felecia Hatcher

My company is: Feverish Pops and the author of The C Students Guide to Scholarships-A Creative Guide to finding scholarships when your grades suck and your parents are broke.

My company Facebook page ishttps://www.facebook.com/CStudentsRock

My Twitter handle is: @FeleciaHatcher @Cstudentsrock

My career is: I am an entrepreneur and an author

What I do everyday is: I motivate people to be the rockstars they were born to be! I don’t have a typical day. I own a gourmet popsicle shop, I travel the world speaking about social entrepreneurship, marketing and turing your passion into profit.

Where I went to school: I went to LynnUniversity in Boca RatonFL

Why I decided to become a: I decided to become an entrepreneur because I loved working for myself and being creative. Most of all I love the freedom I have to work with others and work on the project that I am most passionate about. Right now my social mission is getting more kids into entrepreneurship and technology.

Little girls should do what I do because: Little girls should do what I do because they are stronger then they could ever imagine. I am living my dream and each and everyone of you can do the same. Don’t let anyone stand in your way.

Now down to the important questions-

As a little girl I wanted to be a teacher and I am. I travel all around the world speaking at college campuses, high schools, and organizations sharing what I have learned in business and in life.

My favorite color is: Hot Pink

I have a pet, whose name is: No pets

My favorite food is: Peanut Butter and Jelly

I have the most fun when I: Being myself and laughing with friends/family

College Highlight:



 Great interview about Felecia’s gourmet popsicle business.