If you are a “doll person” you should be aware that you are a part of a long-line of enthusiasts that harken back to girls playing with dolls in ancient Egypt, Rome, and some ancient dolls carved of ivory more than 30,000 years ago!

However since you live in the twenty-first century you need to be aware of this great doll organization, the United Federation of Doll Clubs (UFDC). At their Kansas City, MO headquarters; there is a museum, library, and gift shop. The United Federation of Doll Clubs has been around since 1949 and boasts a huge calendar of events, probably near you!

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The UFDC also produces a beautiful color quarterly publication, titled the DOLL NEWS. The Doll News is chock full of interesting research and articles about various dolls and doll collecting. I also like perusing the ads throughout the magazine to get further doll exploration ideas and places to visit.

This is my favorite quote from the UFDC site:

“The study of dolls is truly the study of humankind. Few artifacts reflect our history as accurately as do dolls. From food to fashion, dolls and their accessories provide a fascinating window to the past and provide a record for the future. Doll collecting is one of the largest hobby groups in the world enjoyed by enthusiasts everywhere!”


Ancient Dolls a Hint to early man.


Roman Rag doll


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