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I just searched the hashtag money; that I have saved in my twitter search engine, and received this great article on introducing money to children. Yes, it is a homeschooling article but, if you don’t home school, you could use many of the helpful tips and books to work with your own children at home. As you know, most money lessons are learned through modeling and need to be reinforced while the child’s mind is still an absorbent sponge taking in knowledge!  If we can help children have a healthy relationship with money now, in the future teen and college years they may actually save on their own!

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Here is a synopsis and a link to the full article:

Money and Economics Vocabulary

Include general finance terms:





Money and Economics Reading and Writing

-“The Coin Counting Book”

-“Funny Money”

-“The Story of Money”


College Highlight:

Carnegie MellonUniversity


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