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I was fortunate enough to interview Sarah Banas founder of Immortal Design. Sarah is a woman to watch, who has pursued and achieved a career in the STEMS field!

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My name is: Sarah Banas

My company is: Immortal Design

My company Facebook page is:

My Twitter handle is: @goimmortal

My career is: Software Engineer, CEO (Entrepreneur)

What I do everyday is:

Develop new software to make our lives easier. Sometimes it doesn’t work that way – it’s the simple things that are the most difficult.

Where I went to school:

I went to Loyola University for both my Bachelors and Master degree.

Why I decided to become a software engineer:

I loved computers since I was introduced to them, but was afraid of making it my career – after all, who hasn’t heard that if you’re not a doctor or a lawyer that you’ve failed in life?

When I was in my first year of college, I was taking a computer class and biology class at the same time. I could not pass Biology lab. I took the course by different teachers, and still I could not pass. I dropped out of Biology. The computer course was going unusually well. We were told for our final project to do something that incorporates some of the things we have learned throughout the semester. I built a prototype artificial intelligence, and I was officially hooked. I decided that this was going to be what I wanted to do in my life. It really made me happy (most days).

Little girls should do what I do because:

Software Engineering is a very difficult field in, especially for women. I don’t want girls to get the impression that it’s easy or something they should do because it pays well. It is very difficult, and it will take years before you make anything decent – if you do at all. If you can’t think outside the box, then you’re done for.

However, it is a very rewarding experience. I have built software that was expanded from home offices to corporate environments – to know that I built something like that is truly a magnificent feeling.

Now down to the important questions-

As a little girl I wanted to be:

A Neurosurgeon

My favorite color is:


I have a pet, whose name is:

I have 2 cats: Simba, an orange tabby; and Misiu, a tabby Main Coone.

My favorite food is:

Cheese. Cheese on pizza, goat cheese, I don’t care. I love cheese.

 I have the most fun when I:

Either play video games with my little brother; or am trying to “hunt” my cats outside on the lawn.

Best advice for girls:

 When life gives you lemons, squirt it in life’s eyes and keep running forward.

I absolutely love that quote!! I also love the fact she is a Loyola grad like me! So it’s no surprise what the college highlight will be…

College Highlight:

LoyolaUniversity of Chicago