Oh yes, these women are breaking a glass ceiling, for women artists to join the comic book world! These five women have achieved superior status in the male dominated field of comic books. These are women you should know!

These Superheriones are:


  • Becky Cloonan at 32 years old has already been and was the first woman to draw Batman in the series 72 year history! She draws on paper-not digitally and it took her five years to begin making a living through her cartooning.


 karen berger

  • Karen Berger is the founder/editor of the Vertigo brand and is responsible for the graphic novel V for Vendetta, American Vampire, and The Sandman; just to name a few!

faith erin hicks

amy reeder

  • Amy Reeder is originally from Denver, CO and has a B.S. degree. Among her career accomplishments are drawing Supergirl and Batwoman!

View some of their works & read about some other great up and coming women comic book artists! http://pinterest.com/rxmac/women-comic-book-artists/


College Highlight:

School of Visual Arts, NYC (Animation) (Becky Cloonan’s school)




Sherian College (Animation) (Faith Erin Hicks school)