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College Savings Dolls and GradSave have teamed up. Eddie from GradSave was watching the Twitter feed under hash tag #collegesavings when one of our tweets caught his eye. Eddie, a proud father of a 2 year old girl, thought our message to inspire young girls to go to college and set career goals for themselves was a great idea. Having the same principals and sharing the same message of  the importance to save for college at an early stage in life was key, it only took one tweet later for College Savings Dolls and GradSave to become bff’s.

GradSave is the #1 online college registry giving families an easy way to save for college by creating a child profile that can be linked to any 529 savings plan or state tuition pre-paid plan. GradSavers then use the power of many, by sharing their GradSave profile on social media sites and can email their friends and family to receive gifts which can then be transferred to their college savings plan of their choice.   GradSave is the perfect way to receive contributions for life-events such as birthdays, baby showers, and reward accomplishments in school or to honor a family member, who wishes a future for their children and grandchildren. Friends and family feel good knowing that the money will be solely used for college and they gave a meaningful gift that will last a lifetime.

GradSave was inspired by Irma Grondin, a successful corporate attorney at a global law firm and mom when she realized that she did not want any more “stuff” for her newborn daughter.  Instead, she thought, “why not have our family and friends share in our child’s special occasion by giving them a gift that would last a lifetime. Even a $10 gift will grow to so much more when it’s time to go to college.” And GradSave was born.

Send a GradSave Gift Card to someone special or visit them at to register and start saving today!

College Highlight: (Irma Grondin)

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