Just mention Egypt and this fan of every Barbara Michaels book ever written and wanna-be explorer, is all in! I was flipping channels on Saturday night, and I landed on screen shot of the Great Pyramid of Giza. Cut-away to Brendan Fraser, and the hint of a new discovery!! I put the tv on pause, grabbed my pillow, a snack, and settled in to watch the Discovery Channel: What Lies Beneath.

sarah parkac

After the commercial, a cute blond woman archeologist popped on the screen with a grey satellite shot of the pyramids. This remarkable woman was Dr. Sarah Parkac, the Space Archeologist and her breakthrough research that takes finding items buried deep in the ground to a whole new level. Dr. Parkac uses satellites to take pictures of mounds covered by Egyptian sand; interprets those patterns, and underlying surface breaks, to uncover hidden gems are not visible to us mere mortals. Once the new site is pinpointed, the digging, hauling, and sifting begin. It is very exciting!

Are you humming the King Tut song, yet?

 College Highlight(s):

Yale University (Dr. Parkac Undergrad)



University of Alabama-Birmingham (Director at Laboratory for Global Health Observation)

u of alabama


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