Come on’!! Not only do you have to find a school you like, that doesn’t cost too much,  and will help you pursue your career but, it also has to be knowledgeable about food allergies. Can you imagine having to navigate all of the newbie living arrangements and adding food problems to the list of things to you need to master as a college freshman?!

The ADA (American’s Disability Act) has been involved in a student complaint started in October 2009 that Lesley University violated student rights by not ensuring that students with food allergies have access to an equivalent dinning experience. The ADA set down these compliance standards.

A college must:

-develop individualized meal plans

-allow pre-ordered meals

-provide a dedicated space to avoid cross-contamination;

-use alert notices on allergy containing food

-train food service staff

-get vendors who have allergy free options

This is a step in the right direction and, as a parent;  I would feel a lot better about sending my child to a school that had these ADA regulations in place.


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This article was forwarded to me by a wonderful woman, Nikki Everett, in my celiac group that has a child that needs to be gluten-free. She operates the following sites:

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