This is a triumphant story of a real-life person & weekend photographer in CO, Anna Newell Jones, who paid down her debt in 15 months. Fed-up with her debt following her around, she starting writing a personal-finance blog to keep her honest at http://andthenwesaved.com/ .

Anna had accumulated $23,605.10 in debt using credit cards, taking out college loans, etc. So, in January of 2010 she decided enough was enough, and created her program called My Spending Fast ®. Basically, say “NO” to everything that is not a necessity. The core of this program is her wants vs. needs list; a written down version of your “must have” expenses.

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It was a struggle at first but, cold turkey seemed the best way for Anna to leave her old debts and start a newer “normal” life with her money. Treating money with respect and using it to enhance her life instead of money controlling it.
Please, go check out her website and review the references that were used to complete this article. Anna is truly an inspiration to those of us with debt and for kids coming out of college with enormous student loan bills.






“I quit spending cold turkey to ditch my massive debt.” Self Magazine, January 2013, p.72

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