Last weekend, Nov. 16th, was the 5th annual Tagie Awards dinner which was part of Chi-tag, Chicago Toy & Game Fair held at Navy Pier. Let me tell you this was a special event!



Exterior Setting:

The world-famous Field Museum of Chicago, on a dark night. The museum campus south entrance was flooded with spotlights reflecting back the Greek architectural building, the marble stairways & the Doric-style columns that were built to showcase the city in the 1893 World Fair. (Columbian Exposition)


Global Toy Inventors, Manufactures, Designers, Tagie Award nominee’s & the assorted mover & shakers of the industry.

Interior Setting:

We were ushered up the winding staircase to the 2nd floor that houses spectacular gems and were greeted with drinks & hors d’oeuvres. Then we were seated at round clothed tables with toy centerpieces. All of our movements were overseen by Sue the Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur skeleton.


Appetizers: Beef Empanadas, Bacon Wrapped Dates, Tomatillo Chicken, Grilled Cheese.

First Course: Berry & Mesclun lettuce salad with passion fruit dressing.

Entrée: Polenta, Sautéed Vegetables, Braised Beef.

Dessert: Assorted Toy & Game Themed Cupcakes & coffee.


We were entertained by the Martin Luther King, Jr. marching band, a game themed fashion show, & many wonderful speakers Also, CUPCAKE Wars! Contestants battle on the Food Network to see who can make the most interesting cupcake. This battle airs in March 2013.


I felt like I was on a movie set or dropped into some society party. The ambiance was very surreal & actually very inviting. I never thought such a large imposing place could feel so warm & almost intimate-must have been being around all the fun toy inventors whose enthusiasm & zest for life is boundless.


College Highlight:


University of Chicago (



Have you been to something cool like the Tagie’s-award show or another surreal event?