This is the 2nd in series of things my Dad taught me:  Coupons!

My Dad always said, “You always pick up money on the street, right? Well, if you don’t what are ya thinking.” Using a coupon is the same as picking up money. Why pay more for an item then you have too? Coupons = FREE $$$!!

I can’t tell you how many times I have saved money on an item. Let me tell you everything goes on sale! And I do mean everything, I actually found a outdoor garbage can on sale when the $3 off was a /HUGE deal to a young money strapped couple starting out. A garbage can is not your usual shower gift! (*Note to self*-you know on one else will give a garbage can filled with supplies).

Make this easy:

-Grab the circular at favorite store when you enter, that is the least painless time item. After all, you are already there-they usually come out Wed. or Thurs. for you to review.

-Coupons already on the store card (always get store cards)

-Coupons in the Sunday newspaper (Sunday paper is free if you use a few coupons from their flyers!)

-Download on-line coupons (fast, you don’t have to leave your desk!)

The last tip is not the easiest to start but, will really help you in the savings department. I have not gotten this far yet but, I have it in the back of my mind to start when I can. My Dad would take the money he saved each grocery trip using coupons and put the money saved in an envelope.

Do you use coupons? What is your best find?

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