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Gen Y Girl

Okay, so we’re in college. And all we really want to do is lounge around, skip class, hang out with our friends, and stalk fraternity boys.

But NO.

We’re told we can’t do that.

Instead, we’re told that we need to be “preparing for our futures”.

And how are we supposed to do that?

Oh, well, by interning and updating our resumes and attending corporate lectures about how to interview properly, etc., etc., more boring stuff, etc.

Okay, fine. I guess to a certain degree those are all decent ways to prepare for your career.


I think there have to be better ways to do that.

Here are some:

1. Travel

I don’t care if it takes you five hundred years to graduate school. If you do ANYTHING on this list, please, for the love of God and all things holy…


“Oh, but I don’t have the…

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