I could sit in my bedroom for hours re-arranging my Madame Alexander dolls, much to the happiness of my mother, who didn’t have to dust them!

I was especially obsessed with Mexico. She was decked-out in a multi-layered beaded necklace, with her pretty black skirt, and white boat neck blouse. The senorita, as I called her, came with the patented white long slip and pantaloons, cute black velvet shoes with beads attached to the front and a white felt sombrero that I stretched-out the elastic band on.

I know I wasn’t supposed to play with her, she was a COLLECTABLE but, what child does that? Yes, all the dolls looked the same, no matter where they were from, but I loved them. They came every X-mas in a pretty blue box from my favorite Aunt, Aunty Faith. I would wait patently throughout the long X-mas Eve dinner, until we would all settle by the tree and the gift frenzy began. I never knew which doll she would choose to give me that year, but I knew exactly where I would place it on my shelf. I think she enjoyed the look on my face as much as I enjoyed getting the doll.
Thanks, Aunty Faith for allowing me to learn that true happiness revolves around special people.
Who influenced you? Why?

College Highlight (Foreign language school):

Middlebury College

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English: Library of the Middlebury College in , USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)