Why do I just keep envisioning the Scarlet O’Hara bedroom scene from Gone With the Wind, where Mammy cinched Scarlet into her corset. Scarlett has to suck in her breath & hang on to the bedpost to get the ribbons tighter & wiggle into the garments boning to shrink her already tiny waist. Take a look at the youtube video!

Live! – Blond Ambition World Tour 90

Live! – Blond Ambition World Tour 90 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I recently read an article on Tumbler and never realized how my world was changing again until it was all put into one article. It has all been so gradual, starting with Madonna’s Blond Ambition Tour & now Beyonce’s hourglass curves. Are corsets really that realistic now? Should we be unable to catch our breath? Aren’t we enlightened enough that in this age you let your natural beauty shine through & are loved for yourself?

I just keep thinking about the pictures of women’s jostled-up internal organs. I see the woman with the tiniest waist in the Ripley’s Believe It or Not that I read in elementary school. I know these women wore corsets daily to meet these results but–IKEA!! I won’t put these pictures up, I provided a link. These pics have stuck with me for 40 years and I won’t do that to a child’s mind.

What have you done in the name of beauty? I’ll start…I have worn a smaller shoe size that is more fitting to my petit frame! Paying the price now with heel spurs & bunions!

Tell me what you’ve done, I don’t want to suffer alone!?

Great article on modern corset design:

To be fair, this is a short clip of modern version corsets: Not so much a torture as an “enhancement”.

Couldn’t find the original pics that haunted me as a child but, these drawings depict how the internal organs are shifted:

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