I have met some truly caring folks in my foray into the twitter world. I  met a few small business owners, that really help each other out & genuinely seem interested in assuring you get your business to succeed. I meet most of them while I was on my long arduous quest to gather my 250 votes in hopes of the Mission Small Business $250,000 grant from Chase & Living Social.

However, I also meet the most wonderful people when I searched dolls and came up with the #dollchat hash tag. Being new to twitter, I didn’t know about hash tags. What they seem to do is put you in touch with people who have the same interests as you do. Basically, I was a lurker for the longest time because I didn’t want anyone to think I was just joining to get sales for my dolls.  I have collected dolls all my life, but they sure didn’t know my background. Let me introduce you to some of their blogs. They post great scenarios & backdrops for their dolls. Here are just a few of them:

Charlie Cecil Riley – Dolls Behaving Badly

Char Polanosky -Doll Diaries

Kevin Von Duuglas-Ittu -Tonner Dolls

Simon Farnworth  -The Doll Observer http://www.dollobserver.com/

Stratos Bacalis –Fashion Doll Chronicles

Catherine – Barbie Fantasies


Patty & I have also gotten into the staged doll picture act.

Graduation processional!

Graduation processional!

Check the blogs out & send me links to your own blog. What doll obsession do you have?

Highlight a school:

Texas Christian University  (TCU)
(Home of the Horned Frog’s & alma mater of my cousin Krisi)

English: TCU's Frog Fountain located in the Ca...

English: TCU’s Frog Fountain located in the Campus Commons area across from the Brown-Lupton University Union. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)