Cover of "The Help"

Cover of The Help

You Is Beautiful
You Is Smart
You Is Important

I’m sure you recognize these words from the movie & book, The Help. Mae Mobley is a little girl & Abileen, is her nanny. Abileen spends a lot of time reminding her that these words are the truth.

These words were my favorite part of this film. Abileen never stopped saying this mantra to the little girl, even with tears in her eyes as she was leaving for good. Every time I think about the scene I feel a little catch inside myself. Do I need the reminding? Or worse, have I not done this enough for others?

Why do girls think they are not worthy? Let’s break this one down.

Who determines this?
-the mirror
-the media
-inner or outer beauty

Look in the mirror & find just one thing you like about yourself. If you truly believe you are beautiful, you are!
Remember: “Pretty is as pretty does.”*

Who determines this?
-street smarts
-book smarts
-knowing when to be quiet & listen
Everyone has something to add, it may be something you have never though of before, open your mind to other peoples insights.
Remember: A smart man only believes half of what he hear’s, a wise man knows which half. (Jeff Cooper)

Who determines this?
-a family
-having shoulder to cry on
-a stranger who smiles at you
Are any of these less important to you just because they aren’t important to others? Remember- A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives. (Jackie Robinson)

Are you beautiful, smart & important? When did you figure this out?
*the origin of this quote varies, though it is thought to the Americanized version of the English quote, “Handsome is as Handsome does.