Had to start out a serious subject using an 80’s music reference.

We are 17th out of 31 in science in the USA?! That is 54.8 % or an F in my grade book! We need to do something about this-NOW!

As women pursuing college degree’s we have to take this seriously. Let’s explore two of the myths surrounding a girls pursuit of a science degree.

Myth 1: Most girls aren’t interested in science.                     False:Both girls & boys start out equally loving science but by high school the boys have out numbered the girls. We need to foster the pursuit of science when thy are young.

Myth 2: You can’t motivate a girl to be interested in science.    False: Parents’ & teachers’ support encouraging a girl’s interest in science, technology, engineering and math is very important. Young girls don’t know what is out there & how to go about getting it unless they are told.

What about the money!? Everything comes down to the almighty buck. Spending how much to make how much? How much more can a science degree be worth then the more visible business degree? Interestingly enough, they are really neck & neck with another geek degree which nets more money-the engineering degree.

I’m sure your thinking about the cost right now & that most science pursuits need advanced degrees. Actually, there are a few science scholarships out there. Check out this link:


The media’s depiction of Amy & Bernadette on the hit show The Big Bang Theory may not always be flattering but, just by showing women with science degree’s open up the possibility that pursuing a science degree is at least practical.

Do you believe your girl can do anything & the self-imposed “glass ceiling” of science should be done away with? What subject does your child like in school?

Highlight a school:
University of Michigan ( Ann Arbor, MI)
Girls interested in science or engineering, grades 6-12

Smith College ( Northampton, MA)
Girls interested in science summer program, grades 9-12


Check out the video below in support of teachers & the falling of academic pursuit of science: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oZuTrITqEYw&feature=youtu.be

Myth involving girls science/math:

Stats & Money earned by each field:

Stats on Women in STEM