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Nothing takes you back faster to a happier time in your life than a smell, a taste, a song or an actual object. That is what happened to me while I browsed thru eBay one day.
I am on a quest to collect childhood items that were special to me. My own collections perished in a hot Chicago attic in the mid 80’s. I have a whole Pinterest board devoted to just those items-and yes they are mostly dolls.  (My own & other peoples that I coveted at the time).

Back to my day playing on eBay…. It was a overcast Saturday afternoon & I was in couch potato mode so, I fired-up the old ipad & procedeed down memory lane. Oh my gosh, do you know how much they want for some of my old toys? Well, a little more than I was able to part with for an object that was not my actual toy to begin with! I didn’t have any attachment so, I plunged in and started to bid.

I actually found a Mattel Liddle Kiddle in a perfume bottle that was within my price range. Now I started the nerve-racking wait for the 2 hours to elapse before the bidding closed. I really wasn’t going to pay much more but, now I actually had a vested interested in this doll & I wanted it. I could already see it on my shelf & it even included the doll stand inside the perfume bottle. That was an ill-fated part that most over zealous 7 years olds lost quickly.

The time clock started counting down & I was hoping all the other doll loving couch potatoes were napping or watching T.V. I programmed in my final bid: didn’t hit enter, watched the 30 second mark pass, then I hit enter. I have both been snipped & have snipped at this point. No one can get in another bid, so the butterflies were dancing in my tummy, hoping I was not outbid.

YOU ARE THE WINNER! Bidding has ended!

I actually have started my collection over again and didn’t have to pay an exorbitant fee. When she arrived, she was just as described & pictured. She even had a faint apple scent like the doll I remembered.

What toy do you wish you had?