Balance à tabac

Balance à tabac (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When your trying to save money everything needs to be “weighed” on the want vs. need scale. Who doesn’t want  new noise canceling headphones, a day at the spa, the ipod whatever, etc? Anything the  $50-$100 bucks, is not going to break the bank, but will tip the scale in your favor if you hang on to the money.

I actually visualize a scale in my mind, putting items on it like we did in HS science class. I know I am weird but, something about actually stopping & thinking makes me pause & see my goals with a clearer head.

There is a calmness that comes over you when use logic to think about the “need” for something. It is taken out of your hands and put on the scientific scale, and we all know scales don’t lie! How would you feel if; you had your car or student loans paid off? Or best yet the 3-6 month emergency fund in the bank.


Money (Photo credit: 401K)

I actually saved the 3-6 mo. cushion and I could not believe how I thought about emergencies after that. They were not so desperate & debilitating; because I already knew I had the money to pay for them.

No, I was not happy about spending the money I saved. However, I didn’t lose sleep thinking about how I could pay for the new tires, broken garbage disposal or faulty air conditioning. (Why does that always happen in the summer when your in-laws are coming over?)

Yes, it took me a long time to save-up the money but, even if you can just make the choice to save instead of spend on unnecessary items or upgrades to things you already have, it really will help.

What have you tried? Worked? Didn’t work?