Enfants à la découverte (Joanika Ring, Overlan...

Enfants à la découverte (Joanika Ring, Overlangel 1995) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 Are we still dealing with the body image issue in this generation? The answer is YES. Confirmation came through a post made by a much younger fellow blogger, Commander in Chic, about a certain size jeans & chasing dreams. (See full post below)

Do you think I am removed from the issue because I have a boy & have been married 20 years? Hmm…then I took a good long look at myself, and tallied up the marks against that assumption.

Tasting the Dove Pleasure Kit

Tasting the Dove Pleasure Kit (Photo credit: LexnGer)

1.) I have been watching my weight since I was in 7th grade.

2.) I still feel guilty when I have dessert or any sweet treat.

3.) I blame the manufacture for “inaccurate” pants sizes. 

Moms with girls really face an uphill battle on this one. I don’t envy anyone dealing with your own body image issues and trying to reassure your child they are perfect just as they are. If only young girls could have the wisdom that being healthy is far more important than fitting into a certain size.

Dove “Campaign For Real Beauty” photo exhibit

Dove “Campaign For Real Beauty” photo exhibit (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was watching TV a few nights ago and saw the Dove commercial-the Campaign for Real Beauty. I couldn’t stop thinking about it, even though I had seen  ads in the last few years. I googled Dove, Body Image and found  some very cool downloadable age-appropriate packets available for girls and their parents. (See link below)

 Until society accepts people for who they are, it is up to you to accept yourself. I will not continue to judge myself through other people’s eyes, and neither should you.

Tell me what your thinking?!