University Ave

Okay, so you’re broke. Join the club!

But wait, before you continue reading, answer one question. Do you have any of the following?…

a. IPad

b. New Car Rims

c. New Car Speakers

d. Michael Kors Watch

e. Diddy Beats

Yea, that’s what I thought. Many college students do. I just don’t get it. Clearly, the issue is more about HOW people are spending their money because dude, if you can spend $145.95 on headphones, you’re not broke, you’re just investing your money poorly.

So here’s a list of the five best investments you can make in college.

1. The Gym- Yes, the gym. Take care of yourself. People like other people that look like they take care of themselves. It’s been proven that when you’re healthier, you make more money. You might even meet a hot guy/girl.

2. A shrink- All the best people have one. Mine…

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