Gluten Free Vegan Quiche

Image by nc_hiker via Flickr

What is wrong with me? My stomach is killing me every time I eat, and it makes these funny gurgling sounds all the time. I know that I should go to the doctor but, I’m scared that I have stomach cancer or something worse.  I finally go and tell her my problems, she gives me a blood test, and it is inconclusive for antibodies for celiac. You can have the a test involving an endoscope or just go gluten-free (GF) and see how you feel, she says. I opted for the later choice and five years later I’m happy I did. A myriad of different symptoms cleared-up for me, my skin got clearer, my achy joints went away, and my foggy brain became uncluttered.

Can you imagine having all those problems and starting college too? Okay, you have to do your own laundry, get to class on time, make a group of friends, adjust to a new school, and eat at a cafeteria that may make you sick. 1 out of 133 people have a gluten intolerance. Some kids going to college have other food allergies or have not been diagnosed yet.

All hope is not lost, colleges are starting to take notice and help students and their nervous parents navigate at least one issue-Food! I recently read an article on fourteen colleges who are helping students battle this problem head on. In the Udi’s food blog that I was tweeted, was an article originally published by Best Colleges Online. I have attached it here:

I’m sure other schools will follow suit and jump on the GF bandwagon. I have seen so many positive changes in the last five years; many more restaurants with GF menu’s, many mainstream markets carrying GF food, and a new tolerance to differences in the population at large. Afterall, most children have had a designated peanut-free lunch table all of their lives!

Please, post about other colleges that are working to help their student population make being GF an non-issue in their school.