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I was tweeted this quote today from Marlo Thomas and it is so true! Yes, it was “That Girl“! Loved that show, she was so cute! Actually, she still is adorable and her father, Danny Thomas, have done so much to give back through the St. Jude hospital. Anyways, back to the quote…

An education is the great equalizer that can open doors for so many people who are unable to lift themselves out of situations beyond their control. If you work hard in school and keep driving yourself toward a future dream, you will be able to  achieve greatness. But, it all starts with putting pencil to paper and learning as much as you can.
When I was a little girl and asked what I wanted to be when I grew-up, I was never to sure. Oh I wanted to be adored by thousands, and do something that people would remember forever but, I never really had a solid idea on how to get there. Maybe if there was a road map telling me how to become succesful, I would have done a few things differently.
I’m sure glad I have a solid education to help me on the way. Everyone needs a good foundation and an education is just that.  I have my two teacher parents to thank for making me go to school each day until I actually wanted to go myself!