Patty & I have sent our doll to China to be made in a wonderful factory that makes the Ruby Red line of dolls. Actually, Patty meet Quennie at the IDEX show earlier this year in Florida. Patty had been talking about making a line of dolls since our boys were three years old and in swimming lessons together! Everyone at the show was so enthusiastic and informative. Patty also found a well thought of local artist to sculpt the Deanna/Aliana doll, she was easy to identify since all of her dolls sold out so quickly. She was the darling of the show,  gave Patty her full attention, and was excited about the learning concept based on genuine college girls.

 We are introducing our concept, to buyers in the NYC exclusive Toy Fair in February of 2012. We are going to be able to attend because we volunteered to woman the WIT (Woman in Toys) booth #5375 at the Javit’s Center. Patty and I joined this wonderful organization in October of this year when we attended the Chitag (Chicago Toy & Game) show at Navy Pier.  At Chitag we also attended the WIT breakfast/speaker function. The woman we meet were truly amazing, knowledgable, and so supportive. Everyone we meet really was excited about a new doll coming to market! I meet some of the people I had only read about in the toy industry like; Richard Gottlieb, Suzanne Mills-Winkler, and Lisa Orman. (who meet with us to discuss PR) They were as gracious with their time, as I hoped they would be.

Now we sit and wait for our vision to become a reality! What if she is delayed by China’s New Year holiday break in Jan.? What if she gets stuck in customs? The “what if’s” are endless and will drive us nuts, if we let them.

The waiting is the hardest part, as many of you know all to well. Please, help me think of something else by sharing a waiting story with me.