Just some FYI… there are 3 Barbie’s sold every second (world-wide) and there are more than 1 million American Girl dolls sold annually.  The doll industry increased 8% in 2010, selling over $2.7 billion dollars in dolls. Where are they made? Indonesia and China, respectively.

This is a quote from Julie Parks, the PR person at American Girl Doll, “In the very beginning, the dolls were made in Germany,” Parks says. “It’s one of those things, the majority of the world’s toys are made in China, and we are no exception.” (to read the full article, see the below link)

Patty and I are currently hitting quite a few road blocks in our quest to have our dolls Made in the USA. However, we will not give up the fight. It is too important to our economy and our future well-being as citizens of the United States. I have put links to some of the current toys being made in the USA, please help American’s work by buying these products. Who knows, other industries and companies may follow the lead of the Toy Industry!

These are some of the Made in America sites I found:




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