Started thinking about my Grandma on Sept. 11th because it is National Grandparents Day. I always loved “playing” Barbie‘s with my Grandma. Some of my best memories are being on the rug in her apartment incorporating cast-off knitting needles as ski poles, yarn as scarves/hair ties, and yarn ball’s as bean bag chairs or circus balls. She actually knitted the dolls halter dress’ to wear-well it was the 70’s! The hours we spent are precious to me now but, I thought she was just “fun” then!

Just found a great series of interactive guides for building playtime with your children & grandchildren. What a memorable time you will have “playing” with your children. Imaginative play is an especially important way to act out your future wants, needs, and creativity.

These are downloadable courtsey of the Toy Industry Association and are available in both english & spanish.

You can get these three downloads:

Fun Play, Safe Play

Let’s Play (toy’s for children with special needs)

Play is Forever

The best memories are made spending time with people you love.

Thanks, Grandma!