Your new best friend and real college girl, Deanna, is the first doll in our series of wonderful soft play dolls with a purpose. She has hair you can comb and comes wearing a fun sundress underneath her cap and gown. You can visit her on the website, read her true story, register your doll and get a diploma you can display on your wall.

Deanna comes in a soft stringbag carrying case so that you can keep her with you at all times. Afterall, you never know when someone wants to play “dolls”. She also comes with soft shoes and a graduation cap & gown so you can pretend she is ready to go off and seize the world.

Many career opportunities await Deanna and you can pick and choose from dozens of outfits. One day she is a nurse, the next day she is a teacher, the next…who knows. 

Come back and play some more, we will be right here!